AS - Associate

1Life Workplace Safety Solutions

Business Info:
280 Stradbrooke Ave.
Winnipeg, Man. R3L0J6
Phone: (204)-231-5433
Contact Info:
Contact: Theo Heinemen

Apex Facility Services

Business Info:
1102 Rosser Ave
Brandon, Man. R7A 0L7
Phone: (204)-725-3749
Fax: (204) 571-1224
Contact Info:
Contact: Jason Powers, Melanie Powers
Email: ,

Vomar Industries O/A Tank Traders

Business Info:
Box 90
LaSalle, MB R0G1B0
Phone: 204-736-4288
Contact Info:
Contact: Blayne Todd

NetSet Communications

Business Info:
5 Granite Road
Brandon, Man. R7A 7V2
Phone: (204) 578-5623
Fax: (204) 725-2721
Contact Info:
Contact: Donna Sagin

Town of Virden

Business Info:
Box 310
Virden, Manitoba R0M 2C0
Phone: (204) 748-2440
Cell: (204) 851-0769
Fax: (204) 748-2501
Contact Info:
Contact: Rhonda Stewart

Lawson Consulting and Surveying Ltd

Business Info:
111 George Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0K2
Phone: (204) 414-3169
Fax: (204) 691-9933
Contact Info:
Contact: Andrew Lawson

Manitoba Finance – Accommodation Services

Business Info:
340 9th Street
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 6C2
Phone: (204) 726-6555
Contact Info:
Contact: Donald Johnston

Webber Printing

Business Info:
352 Park Ave East
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 7A7
Phone: (204) 728-1302
Fax: (204) 728-1368
Contact Info:
Contact: Donald Webber

Aon Reed Stenhouse

Business Info:
1800 - 1 Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Man. R3B 2A3
Phone: (204) 934-0268
Cell: (204) 227-6377
Fax: (204) 956-2148
Contact Info:
Contact: Michael Byrne

Rural Municipality of Yellowhead

Business Info:
Box 278
Shoal Lake, Manitoba R0J 1Z0
Phone: 204-759-2565
Fax: 204-759-2740
Contact Info:
Contact: Nadine Gapka

Manitoba Water Services Board

Business Info:
Unit 1A – 2010 Currie Blvd
Brandon, Manitoba R7B 4E7
Phone: (204) 726-6076
Fax: (204) 726-7196
Contact Info:
Contact: Jacy Mann

Westoba Credit Union Ltd.

Business Info:
2nd Floor, 1020 Princess Ave.
Brandon, Man. R7A 0P8
Phone: (204) 729-2716
Fax: (204) 729-2719
Contact Info:
Contact: Rob Margetts, A.V.P. Business Solutions

Workers Compensation Board

Business Info:
333 Broadway Ave.
Winnipeg, Man. R3C 4W3
Phone: 1-855-954-4321
Fax: 1-877-437-4869
Contact Info:

United Rentals of Canada Inc.

Business Info:
730 A Richmond Ave. E.
Brandon, Man. R7A 7G9
Phone: (204) 726-8777
Fax: (204) 726-8761
Contact Info:
Contact: AJ Foy