Standing Committees at CARM

There are five standing committees at CARM consisting of volunteer members. The focus of each committee varies as outlined below and each contributes to the direction, goals and decisions of the organization. All members are encouraged to volunteer and contribute to a committee that may be of personal interest.

Government Affairs & Industry Standards and Practices Committee

This committee deals with all government-related matters as well as industry standards and practices. Some examples include: workers compensation, safety, labor relations, builders’ liens, taxes, licensing, preferential treatment, contract clauses, plans and specifications, tendering insurance, and bonding, and much more. This committee will also deal with external groups to make them aware of accepted industry practices.

Education and Training Committee

This committee focuses on government departments that are involved with training and educational institutions that provide training for the industry. The committee also concerns itself with the competency and qualifications of member companies.

Membership and Member Services Committee

This committee reviews and recommends policies, plans, and changes relating to member services and programs.

Media and Promotions Committee

This committee concerns itself with members’ collective involvement with issues that are not directly connected to the daily operations of the association or its member companies, but which are in the member’s collective interest providing benefits of wider value to society and therefore enhancing the association’s (and the industry’s) image with the general public, industry and similar organizations.

Entertainment and Events Committee

This committee is committed to the networking and social aspect of the association; specifically with coordinating the annual Summit, Golf Tournament and Fall Banquet.