Work in Manitoba Job Portal


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Innovative Platform Will Efficiently Connect Job Seekers and Employers: Cullen


The Manitoba government is launching the Work in Manitoba job portal, an innovative, one-stop website that will efficiently connect job seekers and employers based on qualifications and labour market needs, Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen announced today.

“We have heard from Manitoba employers that they are struggling to recruit the talent they need to grow their businesses and we are taking concrete action to help them overcome this barrier,” said Cullen. “The Work in Manitoba job portal is a streamlined website that will enable employers to efficiently connect with local, national and international candidates that meet their labour market needs.”

The user-friendly platform is free for both job seekers and employers. Job seekers can create profiles that capture their skills, experience, education and career preferences. When employers upload job postings, the portal will send notifications to job seekers with relevant qualifications and goals.

The sophisticated platform will include jobs from third-party sites and integrate with post-secondary career centres to minimize duplication and maximize resource efficiency, added Cullen.

The minister noted the platform captures real-time provincewide labour market data, which can be used to develop tailored programs that respond to the needs of underrepresented groups, support the growth of priority sectors and inform immigration strategies.

The new portal builds on an existing job connections website used by Economic Development Winnipeg, which has been successfully used for international recruitment missions for the last two years. The expansion enables all Manitoba employers and job seekers to use the site as well.

“The job opportunities in Manitoba span across all sectors — from manufacturing and transportation to technology and creative industries,” said Dayna Spiring, president and CEO, Economic Development Winnipeg. “The Work in Manitoba job portal is a powerful tool Manitoba employers can use to connect with job seekers not just from Manitoba, but from across Canada and around the world.”

The minister noted the new job portal represents another targeted action the Manitoba government has taken to accelerate post-pandemic recovery, grow the provincial economy and promote positive outcomes as part of Manitoba’s Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy.

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