Storied History

Rick Chrest, Mayor of Brandon

On October 17, 1793, all of 225 years ago, the first mention of the term “Brandon” was formalized through the establishment of Brandon House as a trading post by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Seventy-four years before the confederation of Canada, the beginnings of Brandon were functioning as a hub of trade and commerce between the newcomers and the First Nations people of the day. From this Brandon House establishment, in fact 20 years later, surveyors and supplies were sent to create the Selkirk Settlement which became Winnipeg, making Brandon somewhat of an original parent community to the birth of Winnipeg.

The City of Brandon itself was founded in 1882 and was immediately a City, never having been a village nor a town. It appears that our forbearers, building on the activity of Brandon House, envisioned that Brandon would continue as the major hub of services and commerce for the western part of this province. I find it remarkable that 136 years later Brandon continues in its role of a pivot for much of Westman; a role and responsibility we must all take seriously.

The building and construction industry of Westman should take great pride in the role it played in building up Western Manitoba over these past 100-plus years. Each of you, whether you are a contractor, supplier, service provider, professional advisor, tradesperson or employee of this sector, have a major hand in continuing to shape the future of our region. Every building, every development, every road or bridge, every renovation, every element of maintenance has your fingerprints all over it. 

Through your collaboration with organizations such as CARM, your industry continues to improve and innovate, sharing best practices towards high quality, sustainable projects while keeping the safety of your personnel and the ultimate users of your work at the forefront.

On behalf of Brandon City Council, I extend congratulations to you all for being stewards of this fine and contributing industry and wish each and every one another productive, profitable and safe year ahead.   


Rick Chrest

Jim Pruitt / 123RF