City of Brandon – Plumbing Permit Changes

Changes To How Plumbing Permits Will Be
Assigned To Inspectors


The City of Brandon Planning & Buildings Department will be changing how plumbing permits will be assigned to our team of inspectors.
Beginning April 15th, 2024, plumbing permits will be assigned to the inspector who is overseeing the building permit.  This means that plumbing permits and inspections associated with a permit to construct, expand, or renovate a building will be handled by the same inspector that is responsible for the review and inspections of the building permit.

This process change also applies to stand-alone permits such as water & sewer permits, flood protection subsidy permits, stand-alone interior plumbing fixture permits, and heating & ventilation reviews for new residential buildings.

The application and review process will remain the same, but the inspector you call to perform the inspections for plumbing systems will now be the same inspector responsible for the building permit.


All plumbing permits received on or before April 15th will continue to be handled by Pierre Desjardins.


Our residential inspectors will be assigned plumbing permits for residential buildings with fewer than 5 units, and our commercial inspectors will be assigned plumbing permits for non-residential projects and large residential projects containing 5 or more residential units.

If you have any questions about this, or any other permitting process, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Murray Fischer, Building Safety Manager
Planning & Buildings Department
Phone: 204-729-2151
Cell: 204-721-3872