CCDC Document Webinars

In November: CCDC payment process


An orderly payment process helps maintain the trust, respect and satisfaction needed for a successful project. Join us on November 16 from (13:00 – 14:00 ET) and learn how the CCDC payment process works. This webinar will include:


  • The three fundamental steps of the payment process: application, certification and payment
  • The associated administrative requirements of the contractor, consultant and owner for the three steps
  • How the payment clauses address project financing, lien holdback, prompt payment legislations, deferred payment, non-conforming work, and more
  • A Q&A with CCDC document authors



This webinar will be presented in English and is $65 per person + tax.

Please contact Madeline Dowd at with any questions related to CCDC Document Webinars.


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