For the first time in 2 years, the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC)  is offering an opportunity to experience what reservists learn in the military. The purpose of Executrek is to invite employers to experience life of a reservist so companies see the skills reservists bring to the workplace.

EX BISON SHIELD is a Brigade Training Exercise (BTE) with participation from various units within 38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG).  The exercise will held at CFB Shilo from August 19-28, 2022.  We are tentatively planning a one day Executrek on Thursday August 25.

The Preliminary Schedule for 25 August is as follows

  • Meet at central location in Winnipeg (e.g. Minto Armoury) at 0800 hrs and board Bus
  • Arrive Shilo 1030hrs and link up with 38 Brigade
  • Receive briefing at 1100hrs
  • Move to activity area TBD (e.g. gun line) 1130hrs
  • Eat lunch at activity area 1200hrs
  • View training 1300hrs to 1400hrs
  • Final departure 1430hrs
  • Arrive Minto 1700hrs Executrek ends


Some examples of ideal candidates to attend the Executrek would include:

  • Employer representatives (Supervisory managers, Senior managers, HR representatives) of organizations employing (or having potential to employ) reservists
  • Representatives of business organizations (e.g. Chambers of Commerce, trade/industry associations, etc)
  • Representatives of educational organizations (who may employ reservists or have students who are reservists)

I had the opportunity to participate in an Executrek event pre-pandemic. It was an incredible experience. – Carol Paul 

To confirm you interest please contact Carol Paul, Executive Director, Manitoba Construction Sector Council


Carol Paul

Executive Director, MCSC

T: 204.272.5092  |  F: 204.272.2961
E: cpaul@mbcsc.com