Engineers and Geoscientists Manitoba – Upcoming Training

  • Free Climate Change Training for Infrastructure Professionals and Decision-Makers Open For Registration 

Three courses delivered as part of Engineers and Geoscientists Manitoba’s Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT) Project are now available for registration. Online 90-minute courses will take place on ‘Infrastructure Climate Risk Assessment: Featuring the PIEVC Process‘, ‘Natural Infrastructure Solutions to Enhance Climate Resilience’ and ‘Introduction to Climate Change Through Codes, Standards, and Regulations’ on dates in February and March, with two dates offered to choose from for each. Newly developed 3-hour in-person workshops will offer “deeper dives” into the topics through presentations, discussions and/or small group exercises. Click on the course titles for further information and to register for these MCRT courses.

  • Free “Introduction to Geothermal Engineering and Energy Modelling” courses and “A Deeper Dive into Geothermal Engineering and Energy Modelling” workshop Open for Registration

Ground-Source Heat Pump (GSHP) technology provides Manitoba the opportunity to heat and cool our buildings and power our vehicles electrically without burning fossil fuels. Poor design and installations have created a perception that GSHP systems are expensive and unreliable. However, it has been shown to be reliable, efficient, and cost effective when properly designed and installed. There is increasing demand on design professionals everywhere to understand GSHP and to know how to incorporate it in their projects. In conjunction with geothermal design, energy modelling plays an important part of the design process to ensure accurate understanding of the building operation and energy loads, and how this in turn affects geothermal system sizing. This course is both an introduction to geothermal engineering and to the importance of energy modelling in its proper design and implementation.

Click on the course dates for further information and to register for these MCRT courses.

March 6 or 9   Introduction to Geothermal Engineering and Energy Modelling (90-minute online course followed by a 30-minute Q&A session)

March 13     Deeper Dive into Geothermal Engineering and Energy Modelling (3-hour in-person evening workshop)


To see other upcoming climate change training that has been identified by the project team, see Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba’s events calendar
 Manitoba Environment, Climate and Parks provided funding for this project.